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​' Ann's calm and friendly energy is intoxicating.

She is gentle and welcoming, a very good listener who uses not only her knowledge in her practice, but who is a natural with people.

​I could not recommend her more'​

AD, London​

Acupuncture Treatments

Each treatment includes Acupuncture using very fine needles 
Other techniques such as Acupressure, Cupping, Electro Acupuncture, Gua Sha and Moxibustion may be used

Naturopathic advice is also given as part of a treatment plan
Initial Consultation
90 minutes
Includes full medical history and bespoke treatment

Follow Up Appointments


60 minutes
Includes review of symptoms and bespoke treatment

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture aims to increase collagen and circulation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving a fresh glow

A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments



Includes consultation and bespoke treatment

Special Offer


Package of 6 Treatments 

Book an Appointment
Sundays at The Therapeutic Rooms
170 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London, E1 6RU
Mondays at Bellenden Therapies

147A Bellenden Road, Peckham, London, UK, SE15 4DH 

'I highly recommend Ann’s practice.

She is a hugely kind, compassionate, knowledgeable healer'


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